The Private Eye (5X) Looking / Thinking by Analogy
Spring News!

STEM Drawing

NSTA Workshop

Poppy head Private Eye Workshop at the NSTA
National Conference on Science Education

San Antonio, Texas
Friday, April 12th 8:00–9:30 AM
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 214A

The Private Eye® Way to Magnify Minds: How to Fire Up STEM and Common Core State Standards' Literacy Goals

Dandelions! Crickets! Eyeballs! Use a jeweler's loupe, everyday objects, simple questions, and thinking by analogy to magnify thought…and develop the essential skills of scientist, writer, and artist in all your students. Engage creative and critical thinking as students write, draw, and theorize with this acclaimed program. Free loupes and lessons!

STEM Summer Course - 3 Credits

NW Coast

3-credit summer course
offered thru Portland State University
and the Portland Metro STEM Center

• Experience full immersion in The Private Eye hands-on process
to implement in your classrooms

• Receive a Class Set of jeweler's loupes and the teacher’s guide:
The Private Eye — (5X) Looking / Thinking by Analogy

• Integrate crosscutting concepts of: patterns, cause and effect, scale and proportion, structure and function,  and systems using The Private Eye
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Stay a few extra days and explore the beauty
of the region...

A short drive takes you to the magnificent coastline, to the highest concentrations of waterfalls in North America, and to the Columbia River Gorge, where every mile is a different ecosystem as you move from a rainforest to a desert in a little over an hour.
And don't get us started about the wineries...

Poetry and The Private Eye


April is National Poetry Month, and The Private Eye is a wonderful way to enter poetry. Have you done a "sandwich" poem with your students? You can see some delightful examples of student writing in our Student Portfolio Galleries. For sandwich poem "how to" steps, see page 105 in The Private Eye (5X) Looking/Thinking by Analogy.

Have you stopped by The Poem Farm?
Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, a writer of children's poetry, has used The Private Eye to inspire a new poem, Shell Teeth. She's also using The Private Eye as inspiration in her month-long poetry project Drawing Into Poems. Consider reading aloud poems from her new book, Forest Has a Song, to your young students -- poems that celebrate a forest ecosystem. Your students can then generate their own forest-based poems beginning with loupe-explorations of moss, lichens, bark, leaves and more -- combined with The Private Eye process questions.

Forest Has A Song  

Amy's poems often rhyme, but of course all forms of poetry writing are possible with The Private Eye!

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