The Private Eye - looking closely and thinking by analogy with jeweler's loupes and inquiry method for hands-on interdisciplinary science, art, writing, math, and more

Private Eye Workshop Description
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Kerry Ruef, founder and director of The Private Eye Project, holding a jeweler's loupe Rose with loupe
Cricket with loupe Private Eye Workshop
Kerry Ruef Private Eye Workshop
Dusty Miller Theorizing Loupe Art Galllery


We had a scintillating time!

This just in:
"The Private Eye was one of the most enjoyable and eye-opening trainings I have ever been to.  I debated about waiting until after standardized testing to allow my students to explore with the loupes; but I just could not wait.  I pulled them out the very next day.  My students had a blast with the loupes and with the items I did in my journal (I shared it all with them)!  I am excited about doing more and more with the loupes in the upcoming months and years!!!"                                 Keri Jones
                                2nd Grade Teacher
                                Glen Oaks Elementary School
                                Fairfield, Alabama

" We have been louping mustard seeds (which we will be planting tomorrow).
I can’t say enough about the student engagement level).   One of my students with limited English (ESL) wrote: 'it is as round as the circumference of a circle and as spherical as an orange!'  WOW!"
                               Ann Bettis
                               Teacher, Trussville City Schools
                               Trussville, Alabama


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