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Research Basis of The Private Eye Process

Planning a presentation? Or sharing The Private Eye with colleagues or friends?  Want to enlist SUPPORT in your school district for a Private Eye staff development workshop?
Print the five page PDF version of our brochure to share with your colleagues.

2Research Basis
Research Basis of The Private Eye Process

This document shows the underpinnings of The Private Eye's research based instructional strategy.  Read how The Private Eye correlates to what Marzano, Bransford and other leading education theorists say is how students learn.

(For in-depth correlations to Marzano's Instructional Strategies see also.)

3Lesson Handout:  One-inch Pond and The Private Eye with NGSS and Common Core Alignments
  One Inch pond

4Using The Private Eye to teach the "Big Ideas" in Science. Meeting the Science TEKS and Language Arts TEKS simultaneously with The Private Eye
CSTA Featuring The Private Eye

The "Big Ideas" is where is all starts! This two page handout provides an introduction to how The Private Eye fulfills a wide rangs of the National Science Education Standards. State Standards flow from the National Standards; we have included one excerpt here: The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and The Private Eye correlations.

5 — The Year-Round Private Eye
The Year-Round Private Eye approach

Suggestions for setting up a year-round Private Eye classroom, with sample subject areas and project; along with a planning worksheet.


6 — Professional Development: Workshop & Materials Portrait
Professional Development with The Private Eye: Workshop & Materials Portrait

This document
provides an overview of our Professional Development Workshops.

7 — Overhead Slide: Tools & Process of The Private Eye

Professional Development with The Private Eye: Workshop & Materials Portrait

Use this overhead to
demonstrate the steps of the


8 — Overhead Slide: What Can You Do With Your Loupe List?
Professional Development with The Private Eye: Workshop & Materials Portrait

Use this overhead to show your students some choices for what they can do with their Loupe-Analogy Lists.


9 — Overhead Slide: The Private Eye Writing Wheel
Professional Development with The Private Eye: Workshop & Materials Portrait

Choose your favorite lines from your Loupe-Analogy List and
a section from The Private Eye Writing Wheel to generate your writing projects.

10 Submit Student Work to The Private Eye Website! Parental Permission Form
Private Eye student art

11 The Private Eye Lesson/Unit & 21-Day Plan
(Start your year building the Habits of Mind most essenstial for success!)  

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