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Reasons to be GREEN!

Leaf and Loupe

Why is The Private Eye “Green?”

If “Green” means reducing our carbon footprint: conserving energy, reducing consumption, and preserving the balance and beauty of the world—then here’s why you go green with The Private Eye:

1.  The Private Eye requires no electricity to use.

2.  The Private Eye process produces mental electricity!

3.  The Private Eye is outrageously inexpensive, so income is freed up for other school needs.

4.  You use and reuse The Private Eye loupes and process. True recycling! (Teachers have told us they’ve been using the same set for as long as ten years.)

5.  The Private Eye process builds environmental literacy; we learn the connectedness of things.

6.  The Private Eye process encourages an intimacy with nature; Intimacy leads to care; care leads to conservation.

7.  The Private Eye teaches creative problem solving which facilitates alternative resource thinking.

8.  The Private Eye is energy efficient because it’s interdisciplinary and integrated.

9.  The Private Eye works in a single setting for difference ability levels, saving teacher energy.

10. The Private Eye can be used by any age, from pre-school to grandparent.

11. The Private Eye teaches us to entertain ourselves with the everyday world around us.

12. The Private Eye habits of minds never wear out.

13. With The Private Eye you travel great distances without leaving your classroom!

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